Welcome to Greeley, Colorado

Greeley, Colorado is a great community! We are consistently attracting people that are seeking  new opportunity.  We have immigrants and refugees, farmers, entrepreneurs, college students and major businesses moving here! New businesses, shopping, dining and recreational opportunities are becoming more and more prevalent. Don't believe what everyone says, it doesn't smell that bad or there is the possibility that we've just grown used to it!

The population of Greeley is roughly 103,000.00 and growing!  The town has undergone a project called Keep Greeley Moving to accommodate the tremendous growth we are experiencing as well as to attract new businesses. We have beautiful parks that Greeley takes a lot of care and pride in. The community provides ample opportunity to connect with other people who share your interests as well as providing our youth many opportunities in the arts and athletics.

You'll find the housing market is  beginning to slow but still a strong seller's market, like the rest of Colorado.  Greeley has long been considered an affordable town in Colorado but that label is quickly fading. The median sales price for homes in Greeley and neighboring Evans was $270.000.00 dollars in 2017.   It is still affordable in comparison to surrounding towns in the Front Range but the gap is closing.

If you would like help purchasing a home in Greeley or the surrounding areas we would love to talk with you! If you would like to sell a home please contact us to set up a listing interview and find out about our commitment to your success!