Greeley's Best Coffee Shops

Greeley is home to several locally owned coffee shops!

Which one is the best to surf the web for a new house? All of them!

These aren’t written in any particular order as each of them have their own unique atmosphere to offer us. I’ve enjoyed my service and time at each.

  1. Your Place Coffee – This coffee shop tucked in the shopping center off of 23rd and 20th St. has an eclectic living room vibe to it with local art adorning the walls. It smells amazing because they bake pastries in house as well as provide coffee drinks, ice cream and other goods. The atmosphere definitely encourages visitors to stay awhile. There is plenty of seating for individuals and groups. You can play games, read, stare out the big front windows or sit out on the porch. The owner works her toosh off and loves the people she serves.
  2. The Blue Mug – My current destination of choice because they have multiple locations (4) in Greeley to meet my clients. They offer a variety of seating options including a separate meeting room at the 59th st. location. They also roast in-house and the shops each have a friendly bustle to them. The decor is updated on occasion to give each location it’s own consistent vibe. Local art is featured for sale and the owners are often seen in the shops greeting customers, roasting beans and getting work done.
  3. Continuum Coffee Co. – This coffee shop located on the West side of Greeley in the Saint Michael’s Shopping Center is often manned by the owner. He opened this shop in memory of his daughter, Ashley. The teal color seen in much of the furniture was her favorite color. You will feel welcomed immediately because the barista station faces the front door. Your drink will come with an element of kindness crafted just for you. Good music is playing and an array of seating is available to accommodate your coffee shop goals.
  4. John Galt Coffee – Perhaps the coolest, grungiest coffee shop in town. The architecture of the building is a unique delight to sit in. Photo-ops area plenty here with creative art installations, velvet furniture, a giant red window pane garage door and a beautiful mural outside as well. There’s a lot of space to visit, read or play games. To my knowledge this is the only local coffee shop that is open late until 10:00pm!
  5. Aunt Helen’s Coffee House – “The snarky side of coffee” is their tag line and it turns out the baristas are not rude to you for comedic purposes. The service is friendly and the downtown coffee shop has a metropolitan bustle to it. Professionals get their morning joe or meet up for lunch and shoppers take a quick break to refuel. Aunt Helen according to the website is 107 years old and is a Greeley resident! She’s a tell like it is kind of lady and the shop is named after her and her no nonsense outlook.
Agent A loves The Blue Mug
Agent A enjoying coffee at The Blue Mug on 35th Ave